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Did you know that COMESA Business Council can help your business Organisation to avert Trade Barriers?

Overall, 716 out of 796 (88.9%) of NTBs registered in the online reporting system implemented by the three regional economic communities (RECs), COMESA, East African Community and the Southern Africa Development Community have been resolved. Only 80 NTBs remain unresolved.

The main NTBs include; restrictive licensing, permitting, and other requirements applied at the border. Barriers behind the border, such as unwarranted technical barriers to trade and sanitary and phytosanitary measures are equally prevalent.

The tripartite NTBs Online and SMS Reporting, Monitoring and Eliminating system has been operational since 2010 and has remained an effective tool in resolution of cross-border trade challenges. 

COMESA Business Council in collaboration with its Secretariat, COMESA, has over the years provided business facilitation services to the private sector community, such as, policy advocacy and troubleshooting tariff and non-tariff barriers in an effort to create an enabling business environment.

If you are a business company or corporate institution experiencing challenges with trade-barriers or business impediments in the COMESA, SADC and EAC region, write to us using [email protected] 

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