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COMESA Business Council onboards Care Ratings (Africa) Private Limited as its New Member!

We are delighted to welcome our newest member to CBC; CARE Ratings (Africa) Private Limited (CRAF). CRAF joins a diverse group of business Corporates and Associations under CBC membership that engage in collaborations towards mutual agendas in promoting regional integration in various sectors.

CRAF is incorporated in Mauritius to provide credit ratings and related services in Mauritius and other geographies in Africa and is the first credit rating agency to be licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius in May 2015.

Recognized by the Bank of Mauritius as External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) since May 2016, CRAF is  licensed by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya to operate as a Credit Rating Agency in Kenya. CRAF provides Ratings of various instruments include;

  • Bonds
  •  Money Market Instruments
  •  Bank Deposits
  • Structured Finance and Bank Facilities
  • Issuer Rating (Banks, Corporates, NBDTIs & Insurance companies)
  • ESG Grading, channel partner evaluation and SME ratings.

We greatly value the role of CRAF in providing credit ratings and related services in Africa and look forward to mutually beneficial partnerships. Read more CARE Ratings Africa

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