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Regional Code on Anti-Corruption Compliance For Enterprises


Strengthening governance, business integrity and anti-corruption compliance is essential for enterprises seeking growth opportunities, in terms of access to finance and integration into regional and global value chains.

As part of the Business Integrity Project that CBC has been implementing in partnership with CIPE, we have developed the Regional Code on Anti-corruption Compliance for Enterprises, which is a detailed guide on how to develop and implement corruption prevention mechanisms, towards building a culture of integrity within enterprises in COMESA.

The CBC Regional Code builds upon the work by CIPE and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), through the Principles for Combating Corruption for Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce. With the launch of the Regional Code and the pledge of commitment to the Code by CBC member chambers and associations, CBC will provide technical assistance to implement the code and empower the businesses communities to be champions for anti-corruption and business integrity across the region.

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