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Author: Marianne Nzioki

Remarks by CBC President, Mr. Marday Venkatasamy, at the 2023 – 2025 Strategy Planning Meeting

Allow me to start by wishing you all a prosperous 2023! It is my singular honour and privilege to welcome you all to this Strategy Planning meeting which is being…
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U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit – Strengthening Partnerships Towards Advancing Shared Private Sector Development Goals

The just concluded U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which took place from 13th – 15th December in Washington DC, underscored the United States’ commitment to strengthening partnerships with African states and institutions.…
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Regional Assessment Exercise Informs the COMESA Retail Payments Platform’s Overall Infrastructure Design and Market Acquisition Roadmap

CBC has been carrying out ongoing field missions with the objective of assessing the status of the regional, and national payment infrastructure in the eight pilot countries (Zambia, Malawi, Kenya,…
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4th German African Business Summit (GABS)

As the 4th German African Business Summit (GABS), comes to a close today in Johannesburg, South Africa, we reflect on key highlights focusing on the Africa Continental Free Trade Area…
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