The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the CBC. It is composed of all the membership of the CBC. Its responsibilities includes, to:

  • Determine the policy and programmes of the CBC whose focus shall be to promote and protect the interest of the business community in the COMESA region;
  • Make recommendations to the COMESA policy organs on issues affecting the interests of the private sector as raised by CBC;
  • Determine the budgetary contributions, the membership scheme;
  • Membership development and services;
  • Exercise other powers and duties as conferred by the CBC Constitution.


The Board comprises of 9 Board members who are elected by the General Assembly; and are 9 members, one from each Member state. The Board, with its diversity and extensive expertise offers the guidance and direction in the formulation of the activities and the work plan towards private sector development in the region. All these members are chairpersons or presidents of selected trade support institutions. The Board is headed by a Chairman assisted by two Vice-Chairs and a Secretary General. (See Board Profiles)
The Board has mainly a supervisory role on CBC’s programmes and activities and its major functions include among others:

  • To oversee the implementation of the CBC Constitution and related policy matters;
  • To oversee and approve CBC funding, i.e. membership fees, service fees and fundraising activities and financial operations;
  • To review CBC activity reports and make appropriate recommendations to the General Assembly.
CBC Administrative and Technical Committees

The Board of Directors has three Administrative Committees:

  1. Strategy, and Resource Mobilization and Membership Committee
  2. Finance, Risk and Audit Committee
  3. Human Resources, Administration and Governance Committee

The CBC also has two technical Committees to ensure effective advocacy and implementation of the CBC work plan on an annual basis.

  1. Trade and Industry Committee
  2. Trade in Services Committee.  

An Advisory Board has been introduced to attract influential business personalities for our fundraising and advocacy efforts. The Advisory Board will be co-opted in Board Committee work, Business Clusters Workgroups and provide advocacy and ambassadorial services for CBC as appropriate.  


The Secretariat is the operational arm of the institution which drives the implementation of the activities of CBC. The Secretariat is managed by a Chief Executive Officer; who coordinates and manages the financial, technical programs and administrative operations of the institution. The CEO is supported by a selected number of staff working on policy, membership development, financial and administrative operations.

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