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Mr. Yilebes Addis


Mr. Yilebes Addis is Chief Executive Officer of EthSwitch S.C.; the National Switch of Ethiopia; Creating Interoperability for Digital Finance and Payments; Establishing Domestic Scheme and Providing Shared Infrastructure/Platforms. Mr. Yilebes has M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science from AAU. Mr. Yilebes has taken various short training in the areas of Leadership, Management, Finance and Digital Financial Services. He has over 23 years’ experience in Banking, Finance, Payments, FinTech, and ICT. He is also currently serving as Board Director of Tsedey Bank S.C.
As the CEO of the National Switch, Mr. Yilebes is key driver for the achievements of the outstanding performance of the Company. His leadership, commitment, partnership management, strategy development & execution, and skill is highly appreciated. Through his leadership, the National Switch has launched multiple products and services that considerably contribute in the Interoperability, Domestic Scheme and Shared Infrastructure/Platforms. In a nutshell all results play key role in the National Digital Payments and National Financial Inclusion Strategy Implementations.
Prior joining EthSwitch, Mr. Yilebes was Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Kifiya Financial Technology P.L.C. Mr. Yilebes provided leadership for the continual development of innovative, robust and secured platforms. As CTO, he was responsible for high availability of platforms, development of high-standard software, Implementation & management IT infrastructure, and maintaining security of IT.
Mr. Yilebes has also served CBE as Manager-ICT Project Training & Rollout, where he led training & roll out of T24 Core Banking System. Yilebes has held various managerial and technical positions in CBE. He has also worked as Lecturer and Trainer in AAU, HiLCoE, Unity University, MicroLink, and CPU.