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Enriching Experience: BDI and CBC Visit BAT Zambia Facilities

Recently, the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and the COMESA Business Council (CBC) team had the privilege of visiting the facilities of their esteemed CBC member, British American Tobacco (BAT) Zambia.

This visit proved to be an enriching experience, allowing them to witness the intricate manufacturing processes firsthand and gain valuable insights into the tobacco industry.

The tour of the BAT factory provided an exceptional opportunity to observe the manufacturing processes involved in the production of tobacco products.

The team gained a deeper understanding of the operations of a leading player in this industry, appreciating the complexities and intricacies that contribute to the final product.

Equally rewarding was the opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions with the BAT Zambia Corporate and Regulatory Affairs officer, Ms. Chipego Zulu, who shared her perspectives on the manufacturing sector and trade dynamics.

At CBC, the team remains steadfast in their commitment to amplifying the voice of private sector businesses across the region. Visits like this not only strengthen collaboration but also equip the organisation with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities their members face.

The BDI and CBC teams extend their gratitude to BAT Zambia for their warm hospitality and for providing us with a comprehensive overview of their operations. Such interactions reinforce our dedication to advocating for policies and initiatives that foster an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

CBC continues to strengthen their partnerships and forge new connections; they remain resolute in their mandate of ensuring that the interests of the business community and other interest groups in the Common Market are taken into consideration by the organs of the Common Market.