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Dr. Amany Asfour


Dr. Amany Asfour is graduated from Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University and had her master’s degree & M.D. degree in Pediatrics in her academic career, she is a Lecturer of Pediatrics at the National Research Center of Egypt. She joined the private sector since she was a student at the Faculty of Medicine. Within few years she was also able to establish a company for medical equipment with more than 30 brands of medical equipment.

Currently she is the President – Africa Business Council; President – African Alliance for Women Empowerment; President – BPW International; President – EBWA, among other influential positions.

Her interests are not limited to the medical field, as she has realised a passion for Economic Women Empowerment & Young Women Entrepreneurship Promotion. As a result, she established the Egyptian Businesswomen Association in 1995 with the objectives of promoting young generations of Women Entrepreneurs & giving guidance to women business owners of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. The organization also supports the mainstream of feminine gender in the Global Market. From her belief that financial independence gives the Power of Choice & Voice, she directed her activities towards Economic Empowerment of Women, Capacity Building, Development of Human Resources & to stress on equal opportunity for girls, Youth and women for education & training and promotion of Women and Youth in Science and Technology .and building partnerships with their colleagues in Africa, Asia, Europe and all over the world.