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African Skies, Pioneering the Future of Space Technology

The DW Media report “Space industry: Africa is ready for liftoff” revealed that the African Space industry as of 2023 boasts of over 270 companies with its value expected to reach $23 billion by 2026. This radiates its massive potential to grow and contribute towards sustainable development and manage line sectors such as land and meteorology. But what does this mean for development in Africa?

Currently, innovators and inventors on the continent are actively investing in space activities with about $425 million allocated in 2023, an investment that has led to significant expansion in space assets and infrastructure. According to the 2023 annual report on Space in Africa,15 African countries which among others include Angola, South Africa, Djibouti, Kenya have invested over $ 4.71 billion in 58 satellite projects, and additional 105 satellites are to be launched by 2026.

Space technology expert Dr. Tidiane Ouattara in his report on Space technologies in Africa for sustainable development, recently noted that as of 2019 approximately 8,500 people across the continent worked in the Space industry,  2,000 and  6,500 in the private and public sectors respectively through various national research programs in the industry.

With the African population hitting over 1.494 billion this year, covering around 17.89% of the total world population, there is need to boost the industry for more employment opportunities creation especially in the COMESA region.

To maximise such value and potential, it is therefore imperative to ensure continued support and onboarding of many African countries towards Space Technology and continuously drive  this digital revolution . Part of the activities on COMESA’s agenda to enable this come to realization is organizing the Information Session webinar by COMESA Business Council (CBC).

In partnership with the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the Council is hosting a webinar on unveiling the untapped potential of Space Technology for Economic Enhancement in Africa. The event is scheduled for April 11th, 2024, virtually is set to attract key players of the space industry in Africa. It aims at promoting extensive awareness and the adoption of space technology not only in the COMESA region but also the entire African continent. Deliberations aiming at facilitating  more partnerships between the public and private sector will be made during the session.

On the panel are experts from Space Technology entities in the region and EU which  among others include BDI Space Initiative, Ignitos Zambia and Kenya Space Agency.

With a crucial climate change that needs agent attention world over, space technology can play a vital role in leveraging a sustainable Africa and in managing climate related disaster risks such as drought, flash floods, and earthquakes. The future and further success of New Space in Africa requires much-needed collaborations from both state and non-state actors , governments, private sector, international organizations, and intergovernmental entities being key.