Uganda is located in the Great Lakes region; central and eastern Africa and shares borders with Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda is landlocked with a surface area of 26 340 square kilometers and an estimated population of about 11 million people.

Uganda is a member of the COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa), and the East African Community. Its economic profile is summarized below: The services sector is the largest contributor to GDP, accounting for about 63% whilst agriculture is at 37% and manufacturing at about 10%. However, agriculture still accounts for the vast majority of labour force and employment and export earnings in Uganda (Coffee is the main export product accounting for about 20% of the exports). The key service sectors include; wholesale, retail trade and travel& tourism, but construction is also important and expanding.

The Private sector is represented by the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda(PSFU). PSFU is Uganda’s apex body for the private sector. It is made up of 175 business associations, corporate bodies and the major public sector agencies that support private sector growth. Since its founding in 1995, PSFU has served as a focal point for private sector advocacy as well as capacity building and continues to sustain a positive dialogue with Government on behalf of the private sector.Right from its inception, PSFU has been Government’s implementation partner for several projects and programmes aimed at strengthening the private sector as an engine of economic growth.

PSFU Objectives are to;
  • Carry out policy research and advocacy on behalf of the Private Sector.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of policy issues, and the impact of those policies on the Private sector in Uganda.
  • Maintain a dialogue with Government on behalf of the Private Sector.

Undertake capacity building for the private sector through training and the provision of business development service

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Private Sector Participation
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