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Online Platform for Trade in Services to be Launched Soon

As a follow up to the Second Round of the COMESA Trade in Services negotiations that was launched in 2016, an Online Platform for Trade in Services has been developed and will be launched soon.

The COMESA Trade in Services negotiation portal is modelled on the AfCFTA Trade in Services portal and is geared towards facilitating negotiations on offers and requests under the COMESA Regulations on Trade in Services between Member States. This is in aligns with COMESA expectations focusing on growth in intra- COMESA trade in services.

As a way of introducing the platform to officials from the 21 COMESA Member States, who deal with trade in services matters, a hybrid training workshop was held in Lusaka on 29 – 31 March 2023. The training forum presented an opportunity to validate two studies that have been conducted to assess the status of trade in business and construction services in the region, to facilitate negotiations in the two sub-sectors. Also in attendance of the training were COMESA Secretariat staff that handle trade matters information, communication technology.

Much appreciation to our cooperating partners, AfCFTA secretariat, African Union and African Export – Import Bank for the strategic partnerships geared towards ensuring that COMESA unlocks the full potential of the services sector to leverage on increased growth generation, income, employment, and ultimately, increased Gross Domestic product. This will in turn facilitate the growth and competitiveness of the private sector in the COMESA region.