Annual Source21 COMESA Business Forums And Trade Fairs

Organization of an annual – “Source 21 COMESA” – trade fair to promote the various sectors in the region. This platform will;

  • Raise enterprises’ awareness of market opportunities by improving access to information
  • Propose business incubators programs
  • Encourage product innovation and quality enhancement
  • Stimulate the understanding of regional and international market access conditions and regulations
  • Facilitate regional and global business partnerships.
  • Promote good business practices
  • Hold awareness seminars on SME capacity building in the areas of financing and credit guarantee schemes to make SMEs aware on the financial instruments available to them and how to access them, Market research awareness on the effective use of information as a key support to their strategic business decision-making

This event is a flagship for the CBC. This project is run by CBC in partnership with the national business Association.

Please see attached the latest report of the Source21 COMESA Business Summit

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