Membership Services


We help our members towards strengthened business collaboration.  The competitiveness of the private sector in regional integration lies in the strength of the business community at national level. We therefore provide support to enterprises and associations, to engage on common agendas and unite their decision-making processes towards common goals that influence the regional integration agenda.

Entrepreneurial and Technical Capacity Building of enterprises. Address the technical capacities of businesses through tailored training or other forms of support. For instance, training of SMEs on business skills, financial literacy, standards and export competitiveness.


  • CBC customer care relations desk- a platform for business to channel specific   interests through the CBC which in turn will lobby to the various levels of policy makers within the region
  • CBC BizNet- Market Hub: Your business linkages and intelligence platform
  • Promote the CBC brand as an opportunity to belong to a recognized and respected regional apex body for the private sector, which would contribute to reinforcing corporate image and credibility vis-à-vis their own constituencies
  • CBC news briefs and online dialogue; Ensure regular contribution, debate and participation in formulation of position papers to be   brought up to the policy and decision makers, by providing their own inputs   based on their experience in the ground.
  • Strengthen workgroups with continuous communication, information and intelligence on market trends
  • Increased exposure to regional and international market opportunities, through active participation in trade events organized by the CBC as well as through information channels to be developed by CBC such as an interactive website, a CBC Directory, newsletters, etc

Access to up-to-date and first-hand information on trade related issues of particular relevance to them.