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Date Modified: 15/02/2017 01:18:23


Whilst the contribution and significance of tourism to our economies is not debatable, many are still to grasp the importance of wildlife conservation in ensuring tourism development. Wildlife tourism can provide a strong economic incentive for wildlife conservation by being a major long-term source of jobs and income for local people. There is a strong mutual correlation ship between the tourism and wildlife conservation sectors.  In our region; East and Southern Africa, wildlife tourism is the primary reason that significant wildlife populations still exist on one hand. On the other, safari tourism is one of the leading contributors to tourism and a dent in the wildlife would be detrimental to our tourism. Poaching deprives communities of their natural capital and cultural heritage and undermines sustainable economic development and poverty alleviation. Wildlife crime is also a security challenge that threatens national security, accelerates corruption and restricts national social and economic development.

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