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Date Modified: 19/12/2016 00:40:04


COMESA Business Council held an award ceremony during the Coumcil of Ministers Meeting in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Dr.  Amany Asfour, Chairperson of the COMESA Business Council introduced the CBC Local Sourcing for Partnership Project, whose objective was to build the technical capacity of the SMEs agro food suppliers on standards and to promote business linkages with the hotel industries to enable the agro food suppliers’ participation in the supply chains. The end result is the growth of regional supply chains and intra trade growth.  As part of the project, in the past year CBC has trained 480 agro food suppliers in 6 COMESA countries on food safety management systems and standards.

For market linkages purposes, CBC has entered into partnership agreements with large corporates in the hotel industry and retailers to afford the SME’s that have been trained market access. A Local Sourcing Recognition Award awarded to some of the buyers or large corporates  in recognition of the support they have afforded the project in signing buyer agreements and reinforcing their commitment in practicing responsible procurement methods by sourcing local produced products from their countries of operation.

These companies include;


i. SERENA Group of Hotels

ii. Taj Pamodzi Hotel

iii. Protea-Zambia

iv. Inyange Industries


vi. Sarova Group of Hotels


viii. Partners: USAID EA and

ix. Microsoft4Africa, and, Investment Climate Facility for Africa



COMESA Business Council is a Business Member Organization and recognized private sector institution of the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

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