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Date Modified: 02/03/2017 04:58:35

COMESA Business Council -Mauritius Business Seminar

The COMESA Business Council is convening the Mauritius Business Seminar, in collaboration with the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI). The Business seminar will be on the 17th of March 2017 in Port Louis, Mauritius.  

The Seminar will be under the theme ‘EXPLORING THE COMESA MARKET –Bringing business to the table”. The focus will be on exploring Mauritius trade economy vis a vis the opportunities within COMESA regional integration.  It will address key constraints that businesses within the agriculture, manufacturing and services sectors face when they carrying out cross border trade in the region. The meeting will also serve as a platform for introducing the COMESA Business Council and its various services on advocacy, business intelligence and linkages for the benefit of the Mauritian business community.

CBC Mauritius NATIONAL BUSINESS SEMINAR 17th March 2017 Concept Note.pdf Tentative Program Agenda Mauritius Business Dialogue 17th March 2017.pdf


COMESA Business Council is a Business Member Organization and recognized private sector institution of the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

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