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COMESA trade development agenda seeks to achieve sustainable economic and social progress in member States through increased integration and cooperation in all fields of development. This includes trade liberalization, customs management, transport and trade facilitation, project finance, institutional development, technical cooperation in all sectors of development, and capacity building. The cooperation aims to achieve the removal of all physical, technical, fiscal and monetary barriers to intra-regional trade and commercial exchanges through the stages of integration: In summary, this comprises of the following basic elements:

  • a regional market without internal frontiers within which goods, services, capital and labour can move freely;
  • Resource Mobilization Committee (RMC),
  • common policies aimed at structural change and regional development;
  • macroeconomic policy coordination;
  • competition policy and other measures aimed at strengthening market mechanisms;
  • assurance of the total and irreversible convertibility of currencies;
  • full integration of banking and other financial markets; and
  • pursuit of measures for the eventual creation of a monetary union.

As such a number of key interventions are structured to ensure the regional agenda is fully realized. This includes;

  • Policy and Regulatory Harmonization;
  • Trade policy research;
  • Technical capacity Building and Building competitive productive capacity;
  • Removal of barriers to factor mobility;
  • Addressing constraints related infrastructure and investment ;
  • Addressing other issues such as Peace and security;
  • Integrating cross cutting issues: gender, youth, socio-environmental health, climate change, knowledge society, statistics, aid for trade;
  • Institutional development.


COMESA Business Council is a Business Member Organization and recognized private sector institution of the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

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