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In March, 2011 the Private sector requested the CBC to come up with a regional position to address the elimination of Visa requirements and the Free movement of Business Persons in the region. In December 2012, the CBC held a Regional Private Sector Dialogue in which the Common Position Report on the Free movement of Business Persons and the Elimination of Visa requirements was validated and adopted. This led to the formation of the NTB Working group headed by the Burundi Manufacturers Association, Mr. Leonidas Runyutu.

The recommendations were also submitted and adopted by the COMESA Council of Ministers in 2012. As a result, CBC working with the COMESA Secretariat to come up with proposals of an Instrument that can be proposed to facilitate the Common Visa Free entry instruments for Business persons.

The Work plan of the Trade Facilitation NTBs Technical Workgroup; is derived from its Terms of References;

  • Lobby and advocate for the interest of the private sector in the policy making process at COMESA and at the national level and regional level;
  • Ensure a harmonized and informed position is presented to the CBC Board for advocacy with all interests of the sectors represented;
  • Ensure Increased Policy Dialogue between Public and Private Sector at the regional level;
  • Ensure that the positions of Work Group are presented to the policy organs meetings for consideration;
  • Ensure Increased participation of the private sector membership in policy dialogue;

CBC provides demand driven services and proactive services in terms of advocacy, business linkages and membership development for Banking Work group. We are working in partnership with the COMESA Secretariat towards the development of a model framework for the Movement of Business persons in the COMESA region. Furthermore, at the Tripartite level to advocate for a framework for the same that is beneficial to business in the Tripartite Free trade Area.

CBC Private Sector Position-Addressing The Following Ntb; Facilitation Of Movement Of Business Persons In The Region And Elimination Of Visa Requirements;
CBC Report- Addressing The Following Ntb; Facilitation Of Movement Of Business Persons In The Region And Elimination Of Visa Requirements


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