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Tourism's potential to contribute to economic growth, job creation and foreign exchange earnings is enormous. It is the world’s largest and fastest-growing service industry. In COMESA island countries (Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros) contributes to between 14% -25% GDP and more than half of their export earnings. In mixed economies like Kenya, Egypt also contributes to approximately 12% GDP and about 20% of export revenue.

In August 2012, CBC hosted the 1st COMESA Sustainable Tourism Development Forum where the COMESA Sustainable Tourism Framework was adopted, and the tourism work group established. The COMESA sustainable Tourism Development Framework. The following were the broad recommendations of the Forum and are part of the COMESA Sustainable Tourism Development Framework.

The Work plan of the Tourism Technical Workgroup; is derived from its Terms of References;

CBC provides demand driven services and proactive services in terms of advocacy, business linkages and membership development for Tourism Work group. We are working towards concretization of the activities of the tourism work group as part of the building the Coalition of Services Industries in COMESA.

COMESA Sustainable Tourism Development Framework


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