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The 1st CBC Financial Services Sector Dialogue was held in February 2013 looking into the regulatory frameworks for financial services in COMESA. The dialogue initiated the Financial services- Bankers Workgroup headed by the Kenya Bankers Workgroup. The Bankers Work group is composed of the national Bankers Associations; from each of the COMESA Member States. The Dialogue discussed the Regulatory Frameworks in the Financial Services Sector and their Impact on Businesses; Focusing on Banking and Insurance services.

The COMESA region is largely composed of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who constitute about 90% of the private sector, more so, in the manufacturing sector. The growth of industries is therefore underpinned by enhancing the competitiveness of SME’s and integrating them into regional supply and value chains.

The 1st CBC- SME Associations Consultative workshop; Towards advocacy on Constraints to SMEs in the region was held in April 2013 in Egypt. This led to the formation of the CBC SME Workgroup; which consist of the national SME Associations in the region; derived from each COMESA member state. The Work Group is currently chaired by Kenya National Federation of Jua Kali Associations (KNFJKA), Mr Richard Muteti.

The Work plan of the SME Technical Workgroup; is derived from its Terms of References;

CBC provides demand driven services and proactive services in terms of advocacy, business linkages and membership development for SME Work group. We are working towards capacity building programs to strengthen the technical and skills capacities of SMES and facilitate their participation in COMESA regional value chains.

Report of the 1st CBC- SME Associations Consultative workshop; Towards advocacy on Constraints to SMEs in the region CBC Position; The COMESA SME Associations In The Region; Towards Advocacy Of Constraints To SME Sector In COMESA; COMESA MSME Policy Framework, October 2013 COMESA SME Blog


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