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The 1st COMESA Regional Manufacturers Dialogue was held in July 2013, in Kigali, Rwanda with participation of more than 120 companies, associations, SME manufacturers from the COMESA region. At the meeting; the Technical Work Group for Manufacturers was formed. The Work group is chaired by the Rwanda Association of Manufacturers, Mr. Robert Bayigamba. It is composed of all the Manufacturers Associations in the COMESA Region; derived from the nation Association of Manufacturers.

The Regional Dialogue discussed key constraints that are being faced by manufacturing businesses in the region ranging from infrastructure, trade facilitation, market access, and access to energy, standards, finance and others. The key recommendations included; engaging Multi-National Companies in an approach to upgrade the standards of SMEs and enable them to effectively participate within regional supply and value chains in key sectors. This became the key theme for the 9th COMESA Business Partnerships Forum & Linkages Fair in Kinshasa, DRC and CBC’s strategic approach to developing partnerships and programmes with corporates to invest their CSI’s in various ways to strengthen the capacity of SME, who in turn are able to feed into their value chain.

The Work plan of the Technical Workgroup; is derived from its Terms of References;

CBC provides demand driven services and proactive services in terms of advocacy, business linkages and membership development for Manufcaturers Work group. Following up, the activities of the work group include an Upcoming Regional Public Private Dialogue focusing on standards; the Made In COMESA label and curbing Illicit Trade in the region.

Report of the 1st COMESA Regional Manufacturers Dialogue Business Forum.
Research paper - Unlocking the potential of the Manufacturing sector in COMESA.
Illicit trade paper.


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