CBC Membership

CBC is a Business Member Organization. Its success relies on the size and scope of its membership that is composed of business representative organizations, both national and regional, Corporates and SMEs. The CBC Constitution provides for four categories of members.

Type Classification
Principal Members 1000 US$ (National Associations) (a) Private sector national associations representing various sectors of national economies of Member States;
Regional Associations – 2000 US$ (b) Private sector regional associations representing various sectors within COMESA or a number of member states in the region.
Associate Members -5000 US$ Companies (a) Incorporated Individual companies upon admission by the General Assembly after application;
(b) Various interest groups in the Common market whose aims and objectives are in conformity with the aims and objectives of Common Market upon admission by the General Assembly after application.
Honorary Membership:5000 US$ a) This will be granted to deserving persons with the potential to contribute to the well-being of the CBC in a significant way and will fall under the category of Associate Members.
Emerging Businesses: 500 US$ (SMEs) (a) This will be granted to deserving persons with the potential to contribute to the well-being of the CBC in a significant way and will fall under the category of Small and Medium Enterprises;
(b) The Council will grant the membership in the spirit of ensuing diversity of ideas and broadness of the income base.

CBC offers a variety of tailored services through dedicated services pillars known as i) business policy advocacy at all levels of decision making in COMESA , ii) membership development and iii) business support services- linkages, intelligence and partnerships in the COMESA region.

CBC has a unique advantage as a Policy organ institution it accesses to Governments, ministers and decision makers through various platforms for advocacy which involve sectoral and multi-sectoral business interests in the COMESA Region. Through focused Public Private Partnerships Forum we offer our members the opportunity to interact in open environments with business leaders, policy-makers and industry leaders in the region to discuss issues with regard to private sector development and address constraints in the region.

Furthermore, CBC has also partnered with Regional and International stakeholders with mutual interest. We provide facilitation of business linkages, trade mission and promotion platforms between our counterparts in India, China, United Arab Emirates- Dubai, United States of America (USA), Canada, Southern African Development Community (SADC), Economic Commission for West African States(ECOWAS) and East African Community(EAC) . Furthermore, we also assist potential investors to navigate the private sector environment to engage in investments and joint ventures in the region.

CBC has a number of activities with respect to membership development; where we partner companies and development partners to improve the competitiveness of our members and/or support market access for various industries . We also have Business intelligent services; where through our links and research we provide trade information and business intelligence in COMESA.



COMESA Business Council is a Business Member Organization and recognized private sector institution of the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

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