The COMESA Tourism and Wildlife Heritage Handbook- “One Market, Countless destinations” is as a result of extensive work and efforts of the CBC working hand in hand with tourism organisations from the COMESA region. The work was completed by members of staff Ms. Gallina Tembo and Ms. Regina Banda under the overall supervision of Ms. Sandra Uwera, CEO, COMESA Business Council.

We would like to thank all the Tourism Bodies and associations that have greatly contributed to the country pages of the magazine. It should be noted that where we did not get information directly from the staff of the authorities, information was gathered from the websites of the tourism bodies and associations of COMESA. No image or content is owned by CBC, but found in public domains of the said sites. Additionally we acknowledge the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) , United Nations Conference on Trade and Development( UNCTAD )for their informative publications regarding world Tourism and Heritage.

Further to this, we extend our gratitude to our partners Africa Travel Association (ATA), The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) and Africa Wildlife Foundation (AWF) for the support rendered to the publication.

We further recognize that the publication has been guided from strategies found in the COMESA Sustainable Tourism Development Framework- Focus areas 9- marketing COMESA as a single tourism destination. The Framework was authored by Mrs. Rosette Rugamba, working with COMESA Director of Industry and Agriculture, Mr. Thierry Mutombo Kalonji and the COMESA Business Council. The publication can be found on COMESA and CBC websites.

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